Will Sub Pop do the right thing?

I got a message from Jean-Michel Jarre’s lawyer telling me that they have dropped the copyright claim against my YouTube account. That’s great news. It means that after the Jimmy Carr claim was dropped, there is now just the one claim against me.

I know I could very well leave that single penalty on the account, but I’m also emailing Sub Pop records about that one too. The reason is that although the CSS management made a claim against my account in 2008 and I ended up with another copyright penalty, if you go to their website, they link to YouTube with the band name as a search term. So the band is actively using content uploaded to YouTube as promotional… I suspect they had a change of policy at some point since 2008, and now actually are seeing sense, that the fan videos help them to sell more music and concert tickets. I’m hoping that Sub Pop will remove the penalty against me too, so I can have a clean slate with YouTube once again.

3 responses to “Will Sub Pop do the right thing?

  1. Sub Pop have responded. They have emailed YouTube asking them to remove the penalty on my account… so that means all three penalties against my account *should* have been removed.

    However, Sub Pop also told me that they have a lot of problems in this area and YouTube don’t respond quickly…

  2. Hi Mark, you should know that no lawyer representing Jean Michel Jarre has asked anyone to remove YouTube videos featuring live recordings of Jarre. Simply because, a) Jarre owns the rights to his live recordings made after 2001, and b) it was Francis Dreyfus Music who asked videos to be removed, and they dont represent Jarre after 2002. What FDM did was to ask anyone with an Oxygene video to remove it, wether FDM owned rights or not, and they do not own any rights whatsoever to Oxygene live videos recorded between 2002 – present.

    If you had known this and filed a counter-claim, could could have said that FDM wanted to have videos removed they dont own any rights for. FDM wrongfully assumed that anything to do with Oxygene, the 1976 album, were protected by their rights. But since FDM and JMJ split up in 2002, live videos after that belongs only to JMJ.

    And what is great about this, is that JMJ has given his approval of such YouTube use of his videos, as long as it’s fair, credited to him and used to promote him. He’s on record in a video saying this, which can be found on YouTube.

    • Glenn, you are right. It was FDM, not Jarre, who pulled the video and so I got the YouTube penalty. I’ve seen JMJ’s video. It’s sorted now anyway, as FDM asked YouTube to remove the penalty against me.

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