I got my YouTube videos back!

So, I finally got my videos back from Youtube. Anyone following my blog over the past week will have seen that YouTube decided to arbitrarily delete my account after five years of uploads totally around 900 videos.

They never warned me. I never knew anything about the ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy, which I have since confirmed with the Google press office is an official policy – you get three complaints against you and they just delete your account without any notice.

And did I get any help at all from YouTube or Google? No, not at all. In fact, they entirely ignored my rants about the injustice of what they were doing until the national media started paying attention to my plight… with comments from Computing and the Guardian helping to draw attention to this issue.

The only reason I got my content back was because I got in touch with the company that made the complaint and I asked them nicely to withdraw their copyright claim, in return for me deleting the offending video. By them withdrawing their complaint I could at least get my account reactivated.

But what if the team looking after Jimmy Carr had not been prepared to listen? What if they had their own procedures to follow that did not allow them to go back on a decision like that? I’d still be ranting and fighting the gigantic Google machine over my lost film collection.

And even now, I know I am one complaint away from losing all my video all over again. What if a copyright owner files another erroneous copyright claim? Am I going to face this problem all over again?

I’m going to chase up all those complaints now. This is not over yet.

6 responses to “I got my YouTube videos back!

  1. Well we could all go away from this story thinking what a nice cuddly bunch of people Jimmy Carr’s Management company are, as they were so accommodating in withdrawing their complaint… but have they actually explained the legal basis for their petty actions in the first place?

    I hear the sound of frantic back-pedaling under the glare of unwelcome publicity, not the sound of genuine helpfulness.

    As for Google, well who can blame them? If my managers were being handed prison sentences for failure to take down offensive videos quickly enough, I’d have a ONE-strike-and-you’re-out policy (actually, I’d get into a different business…)

  2. I hadn’t realised this had happened Mark! I never knew of this 3 strikes & your Youtbube account is closed ….without notice! What arrogant bastards to carry out an such an act. This is open to abuse. If an enemy wants to see the back of you, they could just get 3 different people to lodge false copyright claim complaints and have you shut! Google clearly needs to address this anomaly and loop-hole. G
    Sorry to hear you have had such a frustrating time. You have my support if I can help.

  3. so how can i get my videos bak i think i had over 400 videos and my account got suspended now its bak but the videos are gone!! how do i get them bak

    • Briana, the only way is to contact the people who made complaints and to get them to contact YouTube and to withdraw their complaint. That’s what I had to do.

  4. Do you call them? Or whats the link to send a message?

    • Briana, there is a standard email where you can complain. But if you have violated the “three strikes” policy and three people have complained that you violated their copyright then all you can do is contact them and get them to withdraw their complaints. YouTube has a black or white view on copyright – you can’t argue with them.

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