Daily Archives: February 23, 2010

Jimmy Carr killed my Youtube

I found out what happened to my Youtube account. [Take a look here for a blog post from yesterday that gives the backstory to this…]

I went to see the comedian Jimmy Carr at the Bath Pavilion on Saturday night. I shot a short video of the crowd waiting to see Jimmy on stage. It didn’t include any of Jimmy’s jokes or material, it was just the crowd waiting to see him.

Even so, Jimmy Carr’s management delete anything related to him. Video shot in the gigs, even in the room where the gig is taking place even if it does not include Jimmy at all in the video. I understand the need for touring comedians to protect their material. If Jimmy Carr writes 250 jokes for a show then he wants to tour that show 150-200 times before laying it to rest by releasing a DVD of the show. That’s obvious. And comedy is different to music. You can listen to the same song many times, but not the same joke.

But I only shot some video of the fans.

Jimmy’s management got in touch with me today and said it’s their policy to remove anything from inside the gig venue – which I think is over-zealous because they claim it is all manually checked and not just auto-deleted… but the main issue is that every one of my Youtube videos has been deleted because of their complaint.

I need Youtube to respond to this. How can a copyright complaint over a single video mean that Youtube deletes 900 of my videos, collected over several years?

I got Jimmy Carr’s management to respond to me and explain their views today. I’m expecting Youtube to get in touch by tomorrow to explain why they can’t reinstate my suspended account…