India Inc

Vikas Pota and his new book, India Inc, need no introduction. It has been suggested that I blitz the media with information whenever I have a new book coming out, but Vikas has surpassed my efforts and managed to get information about his book everywhere.

And it’s a timely book too. Just as the world is heading into a recovery from the past few years of economic slowdown, Vikas has studied and interviewed – at length – ten of the most important entrepreneurs in India. Rather than the usual corporate sound-bites, we have here a masterclass from each leader.

The official launch is at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Westminster tonight. If you are going to be there then please do say hello. If not, then take a look at the book website and get a copy. It’s time to hear what some real leaders are thinking.


One response to “India Inc

  1. Fatmatta Sawlani

    Not surprised if Vikas’s book become popular this is the time of entrepreneurs to out shine the odds to stimulate economies again with new ideas. At present I am doing a research on similar topic but for a country in Africa. Without entrepreneurs SMEs or multinationals will not succeed because they are talented thinker who is always ahead of the game, they create a product and move onto new one no time to waste.

    They are go getter, risk taker and take no for an answer in everything they do…it’s a gift not everybody can be an entrepreneur.

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