Journalists – what a pain!

A journo recently asked me about a book I wrote two years ago: Building a Future with BRICs. He was interested in writing about it, so I got the publisher to send him a copy.

He then sent me a long list of questions – several pages long. I started working my way through, writing answers to him, but it was dumped into my draft folder most of the time as I had a lot more urgent things to get done. He chased me. I told him I was working on it and would get it back to him as soon as possible…

He never gave me a deadline, so I assumed it was OK to just keep on filling it in bit by bit and to mail it to him before the Christmas break. A deadline and some sense of how urgent it was would really have helped, but I thought it was OK to keep answering slow and steady…

However, I got a mail from him yesterday saying:

“Disregard my interview requests.

My editor has decided rightly that it’s not worth keeping the story on
the docket since you appear to have no interest in talking to us. I
now have no interest in talking to you.”
Well, Dennis I’m not the joker sending out question lists without a deadline so I’m really not interested in talking to you either.

One response to “Journalists – what a pain!

  1. Name and shame! Properly!

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