Daily Archives: December 11, 2009

84-year-old hoodies

Sometimes I wonder if there are people out there who were born without any common sense at all. Take a look at this story about a shopping centre in Cambridge. The shopping centre has a ‘no hoodie’ policy. So a security guard instructed an 84-year-old woman that her hood had to be lowered. She was shopping with her husband, also 84. Did they appear to be a threat to other shoppers?

I remember facing the same problem myself last year in Manchester. I was with a friend and we had been out to see Ricky Hatton’s comeback fight at the Manchester City ground. The fight was over by around 10pm, so we went into the city to get a drink and have a chat. I had a hoodie on, but I don’t think I’m all that threatening… and I’m closer to 40 than 20. But we found it so hard to get into the pubs with their ‘no hoodie’ policies that I just had to take it off and walk around in a T-shirt.

Everyone seems to be covering their back with the blanket enforcement of ridiculous rules. The age checks for alcohol sales are another example. I can understand stores having a policy of checking people who look under 25. That’s sensible and protects their staff, but why do some places have a blanket enforcement policy – no alcohol sale without ID? Take a look at this BBC video. There are stores out there with blanket bans on serving people without ID, even if they are clearly in their 70s!

When did people in the UK lose all common sense whatsoever?