I just got a new niece today!

Last night, at about 12.23am, my sister gave birth to a little girl at Frimley Park Hospital – Elsie May Symes. It’s the same hospital I was born at, though when I was born it was much smaller and on a site down the road from the present location.

Congratulations to both Jamie and Caroline and I’m really pleased to hear that the labour and birth all went well. I haven’t heard the full story from my sister yet, but I did hear that there was a fear of complications so she was rushed into theatre. Fortunately it was all OK though.

Elsie weighs 3.4kg, which is a pretty good birth weight and it’s all especially pleasing because she is about two and half weeks early.

Dad Jamie will be pleased at the early birth though. He had pledged to not touch a drop of alcohol in the last couple of weeks of Caroline’s pregnancy, so he could always be on standby for the big event… which would mean a few football games without a pint. And the danger with that pledge was also that if the baby was a few days late then he would have an entire Christmas without a single glass of advocaat!

Fortunately the baby chose to be born earlier and mother and baby are both well. Now dad has an excuse to crack open some Champagne today!


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