Aftermath of the second Ealing Tweetup

On Friday night we had the second Ealing Tweetup, at the Rose & Crown pub.

We managed to block together a few tables and a good crowd came along to talk together in person, rather than just on Twitter. It was a really good evening and a chance to catch up with some people from the Tweetup last May as well as find some new friends.

There was quite a political flavour in the air this time as Lib Dem councillor and Ealing parliamentary candidate Jon Ball came along for a pint as well as Julian Bell, Labour leader of Ealing council and researcher for Ealing MP, Virendra Sharma.

Regardless of the fact we managed to end up with Labour and Lib Dem politicians, we all had a good time. Possibly that was because we never had any Tories joining the party 😉

Each time I’ve arranged this now, I’ve just kind of put it together almost randomly. When I’ve tried to get a consensus on date and venue I have struggled because there are so many people who might be interested in joining, so I’ve just personally decided on the pub and date and hoped that people would come along. I think it might be a good idea to try deciding a date well in advance for the next one though, so we can get more organised and can even try promoting it further with some ads at the local stations or something.

How about a Sunday afternoon this time? Sunday March 28th… one week before Easter. How does that sound to everyone? We can continue to use the same venue as they have space, and a garden in case the weather is nice that day… plus they do nice Sunday lunches so that might be an additional attraction 🙂


4 responses to “Aftermath of the second Ealing Tweetup

  1. Opening up a date to consensus only causes pain and suffering – choosing a date and laying out loads in advance is a much better way. Everything’s easier when you’re a dictator 🙂

    March 28th is in my diary…

  2. I enjoyed my time there on Friday. It was nice meeting a few people I didn’t get to meet the last time, or I had only started following since then.

    I do feel that we should have them more often, at least once every month or two. With their being a major election campaign starting within the next couple of months, how about having one a couple of weeks or so before the election? Thus giving us politicos a break!

  3. I wasn’t able to make it on Friday but will be attending in March. Also, up for helping you pre-promote the next shindig

  4. I think its a fantastic idea, although now i am in the parent with a young child category which cannot find a babysitter. So it would be hard to attend. But the 28th March seems a good time….is that a weekend date? Being on a weekend would make it easier for more folks to attend. Also I think in the age where a lot of us just communicate with other electronically, events like this which encourage us to meet other who we wouldnt normally is much needed. Good idea Mark!!!

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