So who wants to publish me in India?

The past couple of books I have written ‘Who Moved my Job?’ (Lulu 2008) and ‘Global Services: Moving to a Level Playing Field’ (British Computer Society 2008) have both been published under license for South Asia by Viva in Delhi.

Viva took a look at my most recent book – Talking Outsourcing (Lulu 2009) – and said they are not interested in publishing it because they don’t feel it connects to the reader in the same way as the other books I have written.

That’s fine. They have their opinion. Only I think they are wrong.

Here’s why.

I don’t think they understand that this was a book of a blog. This book is drawn from the best of my ‘Talking Outsourcing’ blog in Computing magazine, featuring blog entries from 2006 to 2009. It’s written and presented as a chronological business diary. Everything that’s going on in the world of services globalisation and outsourcing from my point of view over that three year period.

It’s worth pointing out that the British national tech magazine Computer Weekly thought so highly of my blog, they shortlisted it for blog of the year in their IT Blog Awards 2009. The launch event at London South Bank University was also very successful – take a look at the video here.

Clearly there are a lot of people involved in the hi-tech service sector in India and I am sure they would like to see this book.

It highlights the issues, the trends, the failures, and the successes of the past three years in the global hi-tech industry and India gets a fair share of that business.

Sure, it’s a book of a blog and not written with a new narrative focused on a single topic, but that’s part of the idea here. Take the content from the blog and make it work in a different way by putting it all in one place, so it can be quickly skipped through.

If you are a publisher in India and you are interested in the South Asia rights for this book then get in touch with me. I’m planning to be there in February so if you move fast we could do some personal appearances around the launch. You can reach me here…

3 responses to “So who wants to publish me in India?

  1. The point is ‘blog culture’ is yet to take off in India, I believe! So that might explain why your blog-book found no publishers…just a guess…But don’t worry, there are many active start-up bloggers (myself included!) who are trying to bring about a change…

    • Hi Deblina, thanks for your comment. I agree. It’s moving at different speeds in different places. Certainly in the UK, blogging has crossed into regular media. Bloggers are regularly featured on TV and radio as serious commentators in their own right. There are even some bloggers standing for parliament in the 2010 general election. So I entirely agree that the publisher fails to see the significance of collecting this material together, but it’s just one publisher who has rejected the book. I’m talking to some others now, so it may be there soon!

  2. Hi Mark,

    If you would like to keep matters in your own hand in India also, you can check out ( We have excellent production quality and service and have had satisfied customers from UK before. The model is same as Lulu with no publishing fees or payments required.

    Feel free to drop me a line if you need any more information.

    PS: Since it is a blog-book, you might also find interesting.

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