Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Too many twats on twitter?

I was sitting on a train on Saturday browsing the latest tweets of my friends and I noticed the Stephen Fry row kicking off in real-time. It almost feels like a privilege to have been reading his depressed responses to being called boring, within a minute of him making those comments, given what happened next.

Fry shut down for a period of time while he was on a flight, blissfully unaware of what he had started by suggesting that he would quit Twitter because the debate has become too nasty and can no longer be enjoyed.

I sat there thinking, ‘here we go again, another big news story is going to come from this’… and so it happened. The press at the weekend was full of stories about how Fry got upset, apparently quit the site, and then returned all sheepish once he logged in after the flight and realised the world had discussed nothing else during his period of downtime.

The Guardian has a very good blog entry today on this story. I have to say I agree with just about all these comments.We have arrived in a very bizarre place where the newspapers are dominated by Jedward and Twitter.

Since when did discussions and arguments on Twitter, or any other social network or chat room, become mass media news stories?