Smoking ban working better than expected

The government took years to introduce a smoking ban. They toyed with the idea of allowing bars or restaurants with a certain number of seats to continue offering smoking areas, and all the private working-mens clubs too. The interesting thing about this legislation was that they spent ages toying with different opt-out clauses and then suddenly decided that the only way to do it would be a complete ban on smoking in all public places.

That’s what we got. And it caused outrage amongst those who believe that the state was being heavy-handed. But nobody could question the desire of the government to try reducing heart disease by a hoped-for 10%… that was an ambitious target, but one worth trying for.

Yet a new academic report studying heart attacks in England shows that heart attacks have been reduced by far more than anticipated – as much as 26%… that should surely answer the critics of the smoking ban and those who keep bleating about their need to smoke in public bars and restaurants (such as David Hockney) know where they can stick their pipe…


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