Who watches TV when it is broadcast anymore?

Every TV company is now offering some for of catch-up service, where you can watch their programmes on-demand – freeing viewers from the need to be in front of their TV at a certain time on a certain day on a certain channel. Products like Sky+ have taken the non-linear TV concept away from the geeks and into the hands of the masses. So why is Simon Cowell all upset that the BBC has scheduled Strictly Come Dancing at the same time as the X Factor on a Saturday night?

He has written about it in the Sun and claims the BBC should shift their schedule to allow viewers the opportunity to watch both shows.

My first thought on that is, who has nothing better to do with their life than watch both the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday night? My second thought is, this is just public relations nonsense – very soon the TV schedules will be almost meaningless as consumers get used to consuming content on-demand and not passively consuming what a themed channel has to offer at a particular time.


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