Peerpex gets ready to launch…

For about a year now, I have been planning and designing a new business network with the guys from Ortegra and Sapphire Group.

It’s called Peerpex, and registration is open now. In fact, there is a fantastic offer designed to help people who are thinking of registering actually go ahead and click on the button – you get 50 credits added to your account if you are one of the first 500 to register. A credit has a cash value of $10, so that’s effectively $500 added to your account balance – for free!

Peerpex is a new business network that aims to take the best of the social networks and integrate that functionality into a space that allows smaller and medium sized companies a space to interact, and generate leads across borders.

The problem about sourcing services for small companies has always been that the small client can’t find a good supplier. Big suppliers are not interested in small deals, and smaller suppliers that are reliable can be hard to locate. The small supplier doesn’t have the reach to become known to their small equivalents in places where they might be able to create a market. Peerpex aims to change all of that by encouraging a more social interaction between small companies – and there is a built-in expert system to help advise companies with projects of which supplier might be right for them.

It’s an exciting time, with the launch planned for September this year. We want to see companies with an interest getting on board as soon as possible so we can keep you all informed. I look forward to seeing you there at Peerpex!


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