Why is City Link so bad?

The other day, I bought a box-set of 30 DVDs from eBay. The seller arranged to send me the package using a courier service, City Link.

I sat and waited for them to arrive. Eventually the seller sent me an email with the tracking code, so I could check on the delivery. When I went to the City Link website I found that they had already delivered the package. It had even been signed for. And yet, at the time that the parcel had supposedly been delivered I was at home working. Nobody had bothered knocking on my door.

After I double-checked the address with the guy who mailed the parcel, I called up City Link today to find out what was going on.

They said “it may be with a neighbour”… and paused, as if the onus would then be on me to go and check with all my neighbours. I asked them to check what the driver had actually done.

So, they called the driver directly. He had “forgotten” where he has delivered my package to “but it is fairly close” came the reassurance.

So now, I do have to go up and down my road dropping leaflets in the doors (because I am hardly likely to find everyone is at home when I knock) just to find my own package – when the seller had used a courier company specifically to ensure it got to me safely.

What I’d really like to understand is:

  1. Why did City Link not try delivering to the correct address in the first place? They had the correct address and anyone with a GPS can find me. I am in London, not some remote corner of the Amazon.
  2. Why they seem to have a policy of dropping parcels with neighbours, rather than retaining and arranging another delivery time (saving money by not bothering to try again?)
  3. Why the driver never kept any record of who he left my parcel with or even where he delivered it?
  4. Why City Link is not doing anything to help me locate this parcel, beyond telling me to go and talk to my neighbours

I’ve never heard of such a shoddy muppet-like courier service. I know I won’t ever be using them. And that’s a shame as I grew up in the town where they are headquartered – Blackwater, in Hampshire.


4 responses to “Why is City Link so bad?

  1. Shity Link ! I waited in all morning for my parcel from John Lewis.
    When I rang JL they told me the consighnment was collected by City Link, but City Link said they never got it!! So a new LED TV and BluRay player go missinig 8weeks before Christmas, curtousy of City Link!?
    What a suprise!

    They also have some rude ignorant drivers.

    They have previously claimed to have delivered packages to me, and got a signiture, when they hadn’t. Then they said the driver had delivered it to the wrong street? I insisted he go back and get it. I think he was lying!

  2. Hi
    Same thing has just happened to me, City Link say they delivered to my address and a man in the garden helped the driver into the garden with the goods, they have sent a signature of what looks like an spider crawling over a piece of paper, nothing like mine, the best bit is he did not see the man in the garden come out of the house or go back into the house, I think a pile of crap.


  3. City are absolute shit, we have ordered from waitrose and both times have either messed up the order or delivered it two days late. My grandmother who is 80 (so is obviously not skipping around) is having a drinks party and city link have buggered up the delivery so the wine (3 boxes totaling over £300) will be delivered the day of party if that.
    Glad to here people are feeling the same way.
    A very angry Grandaughter.

  4. Humphrey Boggart

    Citylink are completely useless twats and they’re shit.

    Delivery due on Friday, it doesn’t show up. I call up asking when it will be next delivered and they tell me Monday. Monday comes and still no delivery. They tell me Tuesday, again no delivery. Then Wednesday, I kid you not. It’s now Wednesday and still no delivery. Apparently all the other days were wrong and they actually meant Thursday.

    Do not use Citylink, or rather shittylink, they are the most useless bunch twats out there.

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