Cycling around all day

I’ve been cycling quite a lot today…

I went in the morning from Ealing to the British museum, so I could have a chat with Philippe Legrain about his new book. Hopefully I gave him a few useful bits of information. If it was all nonsense Philippe then you can email me for something with more thought 🙂 I cycled back home after chatting to Philippe and started writing something for the Labour Friends of India.

Then, I had to go to Heathrow airport to say goodbye to my gf Angie, who is working the rest of the week in Berlin. She went to the airport on Heathrow Express and I went from Ealing – on my bicycle…

I saw something that surprised me on the way home. I stopped just as I got beyond the airport boundary, to send a text message without also riding the bike. I pulled up on Cranford bridge and I was stunned to see a nice-looking little river and a Heron wandering around – this was a few hundred metres from Heathrow airport! Then, as I was watching, the Heron stuck it’s head in the water and pulled out a frog! The frog was fighting, but he didn’t last long as he immediately ended up as an early-evening snack for the bird…

Interesting… then, as I got closer to home I realised I was passing the old Firestone factory where my father used to work in the 1970s, so I snapped a photo.

Quite a nice day on the bike anyway.


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